Iron Age Birckala

Reippi area, Pirkkala 6.-7.7.2024

Welcome to Iron Age Birckala!

Iron Age Birckala, previously known as Pirkkala Viking Fair is inspired by the Viking era as well as the archaeological discoveries made in the Tursiannotko area. The event, first held in 2016, takes you on a journey back to the Iron Age. The annual event is held during the second weekend of July in the Reippi area in Pirkkala.

The programme of the Viking Fair features workshops, battle shows, traditional crafts, guided tours, expert lectures and ancient music, all suited to the theme of the event. Programme for children is also available. The event workers, volunteers and performers wear period-appropriate clothing, and no modern materials are used in the products sold at the Viking Market.

The event will be open to the public on

Sat 6 July 2024 10–17

Sun 7 July 2024 10–16

Reippi area
Museotie 9, 33980 Pirkkala
Entrance to the event is free and open to people of all ages.


Saturday 6.7.2024


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Field by the Smithy

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Reippi sauna

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Guided tours

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Workshops and demonstrations

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Sunday 7.7.2024


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Field by the Smithy

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Reippi sauna

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Guided tours

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Workshops and demonstrations

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Food and drinks

In Reippi, we offer iron-age delicacies for various tastes and different diets. Meals and sweet and savoury pastries will be available to purchase.

Payment methods

Reippi does not have an ATM. Some of the market stands will offer an opportunity to pay by card, but we recommend that you also have some cash to hand.


You can fill your bottle at the tap outside the Reippi village house. The Viking Fair vendors will also be selling bottles of water. 

Information desk 

There will be an information tent in the event area where you can learn more about the programme and the area and pick up a brochure and map of the event. Lost and found items can also be enquired about at the information desk. 


There will be several toilets and one accessible toilet in the event area. The locations of the toilets are marked on the map. 


The paths in Reippi are mainly gravel roads and uneven grass. Some of the event area is located in a field. The event area in Reippi is not fully accessible. 

First aid 

The Pirkkala department of the Finnish Red Cross will be on duty at the event. The location of the first aid tent is marked on the map. 


Visitors are not allowed to bring dogs or other pets to the event area. Please note that, in the event area, there are animals that are part of the event, including birds and sheep. 

Lost and found items 

You can enquire after lost and found items at the information desk during the event. After the event, any items that have not been picked up will be taken to the Pirkkala municipality service desk (Pirkkala municipal office Tiima, Viistokuja 3, Pirkkala). The items will be stored at the municipal office until the beginning of August, after which the items will be handed over to the Pirkanmaa Lost Property Office (Suvantokatu 10, Tampere). 

Getting there 

The Reippi area is located about 6 kilometres from downtown Pirkkala, along the Anian rantatie road. The event area can only be accessed via one road. The paths in Reippi are mainly gravel roads and uneven grass. Some of the event area is located in a field. 

By bike

There is a cycling path from central Pirkkala to Reippi. The route goes through a beautiful rural landscape and past plenty of sights, including the Sikojoki river, Pirkkala Old Church, the Hiidenmäki Needle Well and the archaeological site of Tursiannotko.

The event area will have a designated bicycle parking area. 

Public transport 

Suupantori Square in central Pirkkala is accessible from the City of Tampere on the normally operating local buses. See the bus timetables on the website You can continue your journey from Suupantori with the free visitor shuttle. 

Free visitor shuttle 

Free transport in both directions will be available for visitors to Reippi from the Pirkkala ice rink remote parking and Suupantori Square in downtown Pirkkala. You can also board the bus along the way on certain stops.

Bus stops 

  • Pirkkalan jäähalli (Along the Lentoasemantie road on the side of the Pirkkala ice rink)
  • Pirkkala (On Suupantori square next to the Sale market, on the side of the square)
  • Solja
  • Kyösti
  • Kirkonkylän koulu
  • Vanhakirkko
  • Kranaatinmäki
  • Reippi

In Reippi, the bus stops on the Anian rantatie road, from where you will need to walk about 300 metres to the event area.

Please note that the buses are not fully accessible. You can transport items such as strollers and walkers in the cargo space of the bus.

Shuttle bus schedules

Saturday July 6 9.30–17.15
Sunday July 7 9.30–16.15

The buses run approximately every 15 minutes.

By car 

There are limited parking spaces in the Reippi area and we recommend parking in the remote parking area or central Pirkkala, from where you will be able to take the free visitor shuttle to the event area. 

Parking in Reippi 

The limited Reippi parking spaces are located in a field. 

Parking spaces for persons with disabilities are available in the parking area closest to Reippi Museum. Show your parking ID to the traffic controllers and they will show you the way to the correct parking area. 

If all parking spaces are taken, we will only be able to allow cars into the parking area when spaces become available. 

Parking is forbidden on the right side of the Anian rantatie road from the Kierukantie junction to Leukuntie junction. Elsewhere, you can park anywhere else at your own risk in accordance with the Road Traffic Act. Please note that a parking control officer will be present in the area. We recommend parking in the remote parking area or central Pirkkala. 

Remote parking 

Pirkkala ice rink, Takamaantie 1, 33960 Pirkkala 

The remote parking area is located next to the Pirkkala ice rink. There are also free parking spaces next to the Suupantori square in central Pirkkala. 

You will be able to board a free visitor shuttle at the Pirkkala ice rink. The bus will depart approximately every fifteen minutes. 


Artisan Market

Only products made by hand from natural materials may be sold at the Birckala market. You will be able to buy clothes, jewellery, ceramics, natural cosmetic products and much more from the merchants’ Viking tents! 

History and ancient crafts

Takomo Hukkarauta
Marvel at the restorations, steel tools and jewellery made from the discoveries from Tursiannotko at the Takomo Hukkarauta tent.

Iltahämärä is a one-man silversmith’s workshop that manufactures various products from jewellery to household items while upholding history and traditions.

A natural sharpening stone from the Finnish bedrock that our ancestors used to hone their bear spears, axes, knives and other weapons. It is also an excellent way to stave off boredom in modern kitchens. Wästikivi also sells natural beauty products.

Villapakka Cooperative
Villapakka Cooperative is a small group of artisans, event workers and professionals from a variety of backgrounds. At the cooperative’s tent, you will be able to buy high-quality natural fibre fabrics for ancient and modern outfits, tin jewellery and ceramics from Hattula with a hint of history, and fun small supplies for your home and gifts such as Viking helmets, buckles, shears, binding needles and woven tablets.

Finnish Dyers’ Guild
The local Finnish Dyers’ Guild association, Pirkanmaan Tuomi, is specialised in natural dyeing. Demonstrations of dyeing wool yarn with natural plants and boiling colourants in wood-fired cauldrons are arranged at the dyers’ tent. The dyers will be able to answer questions you have about natural colours and various dyeing methods.

Heraldica makes historical clothes and costumes and leather quivers for traditional and mounted archery.

Hiiden Nahka
Hiiden Nahka makes leatherworks and clothes primarily from vegetable tanned leather that is patterned, sewn and dyed by hand. The works are influenced by historical clothes, folklore and symbolism.

Hannele Albertintytär
Hannele Albertintytär will be bringing linen and woollen products made with a loom from Puumala. She will also be selling yarn spun from the wool of the indigenous sheep breeds of Finland suitable for sewing, needle binding and weaving bands with a reed at her tent

Handy Archery
Handy Archery aims to serve both beginners and advanced archers as well as small sword enthusiasts with great imagination. The tent will also have a small selection of jewellery in the spirit of the era and theme on sale.

Vikingmarket sells historical ornaments to reenactors and history enthusiasts. Their selection includes, for example, jewellery, drinking horns, weapons and armour. You can always find new historical products at Vikingmarket.

Taivaannaula is a politically neutral association and society that was established in 2007 and aims to preserve and foster native Finnish religion and culture, including the conservation of natural sites considered sacred in traditional culture. You will be able to find literature and textiles related to ethnic traditions at the Taivaannaula tent.

Smou Crafts
Arts artisan Smou Crafts will be coming to Iron Age Birckala to weave and sell belts and straps made with the tablet weaving technique. This ancient crafts artisan uses patterns found in Iron Age burial sites of Finland in his bands, for example. The materials used are primarily sheep wool, linen yarn and vegetable tanned leather.

You will be able to see how tablets are woven and make original discoveries at the Smou Crafts stand.

Korpin Sisar
Do you want to learn about the future or understand the past? You will be able to ask the Korpin Sisar any questions that are worrying you or for advice on selecting a new path for you. She will make intuitive interpretations by listening to the spirits. You will also be able to find shaman drums, dream catchers, jewellery and other mystic items at her stand.

Maakari-Täti Monica
Wool, cotton and silk tablets woven with ancient methods.

High-quality crafts from mini-sized birch bark baskets to wicker baskets and firewood baskets. Wooden spoons, spatulas, crowberry root brooms, fox and raccoon dog pelts, etc. High-quality wooden dishes.

Odin’s Spear
Odin’s Spear makes and sells hand-made recreations of historical items, such as axes, swords, ceramics as well as wooden dishes and cutlery.

Trollcave Jewellery

Jewelry, instruments, and accessories from the Viking Age for historical reenactment.

Ancient Technology Artisan Cooperative.

Clothes and Jewellery

Northern beauty: Unique, hand-made clothes, accessories and jewellery inspired by ancient Scandinavia and made primarily from recycled materials.

House of Simone
House of Simone makes unique hand-shaped jewellery and small home decorations made from genuine leather in the summer landscape of Kangasala.

Helvie’s collection has fabulous dreams and a hint of tales. These wonderfully colourful clothes and accessories made from natural fibres are designed, dyed and sewn in Helvie’s own sewing room in Jyväskylä, Finland.

Linen scarves, ponchos, dresses, trousers and shirts and woollen fabric capes, hoods and scarves. Helvie’s designs are inspired by nature, history and traditions.

When broken beauty and the patina of time come together to create something new, a unique piece of Helakka jewellery is born. The Finnish Helakka brand has made visually encaptivating and deeply meaningful jewellery since 2007. Helakka’s collection includes jewellery made from broken glass and abandoned silverware as well as lanyards made from surplus pearls and stones.

At the Muinaismuijat workshop, you will be able to find three artisans working on unique jewellery and items made from natural materials. The products are made with various methods from horse hair, wood, sheep’s wool and various recycled materials.

Kirsin Työpaja
Hand-made felt sauna hats, wonderfully colourful and breathable felt slippers and insulating can coolers made from 100% Finnish wool in Tampere.

Tuuni Turula Design
Unique jewellery hand-made from recycled copper.

Royal Elven Creation

Inspiration for Royal Elven Creation’s jewelry and products comes from nature, fantasy, and folklore. Royal Elven Creation aims to showcase the beauty of nature, even in rugged aspects, and infuse everyday life with a sense of fantasy.

Natural Products and Cosmetics

MagaLacrima sells various hand-made herb products, incenses, candles, soaps, bone products and pieces of jewellery inspired by nature, Finnish religion and traditional culture, and magic. MagaLacrima’s products are unique items or series of a few pieces that all show the skills of the artisan. Experience a hint of magic and natural enchantment!

Elämänpuu makes organic, ecologically sustainable soaps, salves and other cosmetic products, as well as hand-made candles.

Käreitär will be coming to Birckala from Ostrobothnia to showcase hand-made products inspired by ancient times and mythology. You will be able to find products such as wood cups decorated with Viking-age patterns, beeswax candles, incenses, herbal teas and aromatic herbs at the tent of Käreitär. The selection will also include literature related to the theme and Tarot cards.

Domesticity and pure high-quality ingredients from private apiaries combined with a love for the treats of berry and mushroom forests are the sources of Sammalmamma’s inspiration. Finnish nature and its birch sap, chagas, pine resin and juniper berries are an invaluable source of ingredients for hand-made natural cosmetics. The luxuries of Sammalmamma’s bees (honey, beeswax, pollen, ambrosia, bee glue and bee venom) are used in all the products.

House Supplies and Ornaments

Birgitan Paja
Ceramics, sauna elves, hanging baskets, bowls and dishes from a Viking tent that bring a smile to your face.

Sepän Galleria
Sepän Galleria is a family business that has been active for 50 consecutive years, selling red and black clay dishes and hand-made tar candles.

Ahjon Akka
Artisan forger Ahjon Akka from Pori forges custom items as well as her own selection of household and decorative items in a traditional manner.

Kartanon Verstas
You will be able to find traditional household items made by a carpenter and protective waxes made from beeswax for wood, leather and fabric products at Kartanon Verstas. The workshop’s selection also includes highly popular meme boards inspired by history and hand-printed on wood. The products of Kartanon Verstas are made by hand in the idyllic landscape of Kerava Manor.

Viinikan Tähti
Viinikan Tähti is a Tampere-based family company that makes and imports hand-made historical cement tiles.

For Kids

Torkel Design
Old style puzzles and safe wooden weapons for children. Wooden dishes from historical plates to spoons.

Puupiippola makes different types of durable wooden toys and products with more than three decades of experience.

Luova Maa
Carriage rides and escorted rides on Gotland Russ ponies, who are accustomed to the hustle and bustle of the market, and with the assistance of a cheerful support team.

Artesaanipaja Taiga
Artesaanipaja Taiga makes old style toys for children from soft materials as well as bags and storage items for homes and daily use. They also sell jewellery based on their own designs and made from natural materials for adults and young people.


Iron Age Society Birckalaiset

Iron Age Society Birckalaiset is a society of Iron Age enthusiasts that has studied what life was like a thousand years ago in many ways. The society is building a Viking-age ancient village in the Reippi area. The crafts lovers of the society have studied the techniques of the Iron Age. Birckalan Kaarti is the combat division of the society. The society’s historical reenactors and Birckalan Kaarti are involved in various historical events throughout Finland, especially the Pirkkala Viking Fair. 

Pirkkalankylä Village Association

The aim of the Pirkkalankylä Village Association is to promote cooperation among the village’s residents, their voluntarism and the village’s vitality; represent the general and common interests of the residents; improve the general conditions for earning an income; and promote the residents’ welfare, leisure and cultural activities, cooperation and retaining services in the area. 

Coaching Centre Kipinä, Wellbeing Services County of Pirkanmaa

Coaching Centre Kipinä arranges crafts, sewing, woodworking and technical transportation service workshops. Various types of household textiles, interior products and accessories are made in the workshops to be sold and based on orders. In addition to this, the coaching centre helps organise various events. The aim of job and individual coaching in the workshops is to support the wellbeing of the participants and to identify their skills and coach them towards education and employment. Coaching Centre Kipinä provides rehabilitative job services in Pirkkala.


Peik Erhola 
cultural producer 
municipality of Pirkkala
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